Introducing Our Team

Mark Anderson

Founder, Owner


Mark is in his 5th decade of teaching doctors the compiled works of Dr. Royal Lee, the greatest pioneer and innovator in the nutritional supplement field, the father of whole food philosophy and nutritional therapeutics.  Through his lectures, steeped in current peer-reviewed scientific studies and principles, published writings and workshops Mark has helped train health professionals from all branches of the healing arts in the science and skills of therapeutic nutrition. He is the founder of Back to School for Doctors, the largest whole food nutritional therapeutics conference in the US held every year in Denver for the past three decades. Mark also is the presenter on each third Wednesday of our Webinar Wednesday series.

Lowell Keppel, DC

Dr. Keppel has developed his own nutritional assessment technique, MRA (Muscle Response Analysis), which he teaches in context of Dr. Royal Lee’s teaching to our Standard Process Reps and their practitioners across the country.  He operates a full-time practice, Natural Family Health Care ( where you can shadow him while he treats patients. Dr. Kepple provides our Webinars Wednesday presentations on the fourth Wednesday of each month. He serves also as mentor to our SPW practitioners. You can contact him at

Chris Taylor, DC 

Dr. Taylor is an Upper Cervical Chiropractor practicing Orthospinology.  He offers a holistic approach to healing, that includes therapeutic nutritional and herbal protocols, functional laboratory analysis, and energy medicine. You can Learn more about these services by visiting their practice website  Dr. Chris and his wife Melissa serve as mentors to our SPW practitioners in UT, MT, and WY and have operated a chiropractic nutrition and Telehealth practice for 20 years. They host Webinar Wednesday presentations on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. You can contact Dr. Taylor at


Melissa Taylor, ACN

Melissa Taylor is an experienced nutritional therapist utilizing the Standard Process and MediHerb formulas. She trains practitioner office staff on the art of running a cash-based clinic, and proven procedures for efficient office management. She coordinates the Applied Clinical Nutrition online certification and together with Dr. Christ Taylor presents our Webinar Wednesdays on the second Wednesday of each month. You can contact Melissa at


Lynn Mayer, CNC

Lynn is a Clinical Nutritionist who was involved in the launch of the Heart Sound Recorder and has taught many of the HSR Basic trainings. She serves as an SPW mentor to our practitioners and also sees patients along the Front Range and the Western Slope of Colorado. She also maintains a small practice in Telluride, CO. You can contact Lynn at

Tracie Hoffman, CVT

Tracie is a veterinarian technician and has been the SPW mentor for our vet line the past 11 years.  She most recently works the vet line throughout our territory and the human line with various practitioners in the Boulder area. She is always happy to discuss nutritional recommendations for your own pets, as well as provide guidance as you treat your pet patients. When the month has five Wednesdays, Tracie provides veterinary topics on our Webinar Wednesday series. Tracie can be contacted at


Sarah Allison, CNC

Sarah has been with SPW since 2014 and works as a mentor providing nutrition education and technical support the last five. This is actually her 15th year being connected to Standard Process as she previously worked with one of our practitioners as well as Joseph Antell while completing her degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition at Colorado State University.  Sarah can be reached at

Tanya Derbaix
Office Administration and Events Coordinator

Tanya is proud to celebrate her 22nd anniversary working with Mark Anderson and Standard Process West. It is hard to come up with a job title for her as she wears so many different hats. Primarily she serves as Marks immediate assistant, keeps the office and staff running smoothly and coordinates all of our events, such as webinars, seminars, workshops, study groups. You can reach Tanya at

Lorrie Buschmann, Customer Care

Lorrie has been a member of the Standard Process West Team for 18 years. She has had many different roles over those years ranging from order taking, new client/practitioner set up and support, website management and email marketing for upcoming SPW supported events, managing registrations for those events, as well as providing emails announcing services we offer to the SPW practitioners. She has especially valued the opportunity to enjoy personal interaction with clients over the past 17 years, and serves to provide assistance and help wherever needed. You can contact her at