How To Use The Order Form


From any page of this website, you can click the Order Form button in the top-right corner. This will take you to the main ordering interface.

Order Form

The tabs at the top of the form will take you to the different available categories (these demo images may not show accurate categories), such as Standard Process or MediHerb. By typing number values in the quantity fields, you can order numerous products with a few button clicks. The “Total” column will update to reflect the line-item price for the products you order.

Order Form in use

If you are curious about any particular product you see, click the product name to display the details of that product, if available.

Product Details

If you know the name of the product you are searching for, you can type the name to the right of the category tabs at the top of the form. Start typing and you will see a list of possible results appear after the third letter you type.

Product Search

You can then select the result you want, and the order form will take you right to the highlighted product, ready for you to type in the quantity you want.

Product Search Selected

The bottom bar will show the current tab you are on, the current order grand total, and the Review Order button, which will allow you to check out and pay for your products.

Bottom Bar

When you click Review Order, you are taken to a standard cart review page. Double check your items and quantities are correct in this interface. You can change the quantities and click Update Cart to correct your order right from this page if necessary.


Scroll further down to check your order summary and proceed to checkout. Your checkout form will be filled in with your customer information. Simply review the data, correct as needed and continue scrolling down.

Checkout Form


At the very end of the process, you will see your payment options, the order summary, and a final Place Order button. Choose your method of payment from the available options, and place your order!

Place Order

You will receive an email confirmation from the ordering system, and a second notification when payment is processed.

You can also review any order (click View) and change your billing and shipping information (click Edit) from your My Account page.

My Account

The Order details page will have the line item detail of your previous order. If the order was successfully completed, you can click Order Again, to place the exact same order into your cart. You can then click Order Form to modify the new, duplicated order however you wish.

Order Again

Use the Contact links if you have any questions about products or issues with an order you have already placed.

Thank you for your interest!